Saturday, August 30, 2014


ALL WHITE SERIES MODELS AURA BRI-ROSE RAQUEL TIERA FRANKEE BRIANNA  photo Untitled-1_zps55993a4e.jpg Any one who knows me knows One of my Favourite Color is white. especially on a female. With this Series i wanted to Express my Artistry and my love for the color White. I styled and shot this beautiful models in different cities and states, washington DC, Virginia, Atlanta Georgia, Connecticut. Photography has Allowed me to Express myself through Art and Creativity.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


MODEL RUBY SHOT BY ME WWW.FLYBOYCITY.COM FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @FLYBOYCITY  photo 11481NEW_zpsae28bd54.jpg Ruby is a natural model/ dancer/ vixen, although this was her 1st professional photoshoot she was a natural infront of the camera, she followed directions very well, shooting her was fun and easy.  photo 452111-2_zps039e2ab9.jpg  photo Untitled4122-4_zpsa1aba908.jpg  photo Untitled11458-1_zps79d321b1.jpg

Saturday, January 4, 2014


MODEL AURORA DIVINE PHOTOGRAPHY BY WWW.FLYBOYCITY.COM ARLINGTON VA  photo Untitled-32582logo_zpseb2aab4f.jpg AURORA IS AN INDIAN CARIBBEAN MODEL I SHOT IN ARLINGTON VIRGINIA  photo Untitled-5251logo_zpsf4ce56ed.jpg  photo Untitled-34258961_zpsf1e10ff4.jpg  photo Untitled3258963-2_zps84eac80e.jpg MODEL AURORA DIVINE PHOTOGRAPHY BY WWW.FLYBOYCITY.COM

Friday, January 3, 2014

Model Lyssa Marie

Model lyssa Marie photography by Atlanta Georgia  photo 4367_zpsbd8c782c.jpg I shot this images of model lyssa my 1st trip to atlanta georgia, lyssa marie was one of the amazing talents who responded to my casting.  photo Untitled-1345672_zps5a41abe1.jpg As a photography i am always open to shooting exotic attractive models, especially in the glamour world....  photo NEWIMAGE-2_zps598f1abe.jpg follow us on instagram @flyboycity_

Thursday, December 19, 2013


MODEL BRIANNA NICOLE WWW.FLYBOYCITY.COM  photo Untitled-26325_zps24aafce2.jpg When i first shot with model Bri rose for the 1st time in Washington DC, her very upscale live, welcoming personality Immediatly caught my attention, i shot with 4 different models that evening she was my favorite...  photo brirosenew-1_zps4decf6fa.jpg During my shoot with Bri she let me know she will be moving to Atlanta Georgia in few months, to better her career as a model, so i told her i will also be visiting ATL around the same time...  photo 62589-326591_zpsff256919.jpg Around the time when i shot bri rose i was currently working on a all white bikini series, so i styled bri rose in this white lingerie set shes wearing  photo Untitled-53625891_zps1b8f7ff8.jpg MODEL BRIANNA NICOLE PHOTOGRAPHY AND STYLING BY WWW.FLYBOYCITY.COM

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Model Eve Alexander photography by mike mizzle Atlanta Georgia  photo CCNEWIMAGE-2_zps41420b99.jpg Chantel is a model from atlanta Georgia Area, shes one of my favorite models to shoot, Everytime i'm in Atlanta. when i Saw images of her for the 1st time online i was Immediately impressed with her looks, although her images was not of quality, they were really old i still saw that she had lots of potential...  photo NEWCCCHANTELL-5_zpsa1a4a007.jpg Wth her features and body type, i knew she can be a very diverse model in the industry especially in the fashion, commercial, eyecandy and glamour modeling world.  photo Untitled325896-2_zps4adbbe45.jpg My 1st time shooting with eve was a last minute plan, i had already scheduled 10 models to shoot for Atl she was the 11th one, i read her email while on the air plane to atlanta, i didn't think i would have room to shoot her, being that i'm over booked... but i somehow was able to schedule her as my last model to shoot on that trip..  photo NEWPICCCA-1_zps90f50063.jpg shooting with her was a very easy process, she followed directions very well, usually i would have to create and style most of the models i shoot, but Eve already had ideas and concept for me...  photo ccnewblw-1_zps2960ebd9.jpg  photo newimage34856-1_zps9b56038e.jpg one of my favorite qualities about some of the models i shoot is PERSONALITY... its always fun shooting with a model who laughs and jokes during photoshoot sessions..

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013


MODEL SABINA AURORA, BLACPERSIA, GLAMOUR GURL PEARL AND STINA QUEEN, They all have allowed me to bring this Wonderful series to reality.  photo Untitled3258963-2_zps1a270ac2.jpg I have always Personaly Find female security workers/Police officers very attractive, especially in their work uniform, so in this series i wanted to express that by bringing it to light in a fashion sense.  photo Untitled32589-225_zps05a60f67.jpg the models i have selected for this series all bring something different to the table, each model of the different skin complexing and ethnics, i made sure, this would be the same kinds of females you would see in those types of uniforms or work environment.  photo Untitled-2CROPPEDVERSION_zpsdfcc3917.jpg I didn't use a caucasian model this time around because i i'm just not used to seeing lots female caucasian cops, and also usually ads on websites and blogs would only advertise this style of outfits on caucasian models. so i wanted to try something different.  photo 3259-321_zps9368b405.jpg  photo Untitled-2325_zps60e6b83c.jpg photography and styling by me For more on this series visite our website